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Fashion Is Coming Home

After a decade of bad taste where we got the ugliest quotes oft he 80ties, pared with their obligatory shoulder pads and big pleaded carrot pants and the most infantile fashion of low baggy pants that made everyone looks like a two year old child: big- and short- legged (but not as adorable), fashion now comes more charming, figure- friendly and playful, finally.


We passed all these show off fakeness like „big hair“, „sky heels“ and with them highest and boldest plateaus that meant to lengthen ladies legs from the front but from the sideview they looked more like being stuck in the mudd.


We passed push up bras, that made every womens breasts look like her ass and stopped them from moving, say living.


We passed fur.

After everybody thought in the late eighties, fur is over, it came back and it came stronger as it ever has been before. Every cheap cap got its fur bobble, every ugly jacket got its fur collar.


Coming from history fur meant to be something eternally worthy that will help –mostly- ladies when it came to divorces or repudition. To keep this tradition is scary enough but it did not work either as fur became so cheap that even fake fur derived more pricey.


I don’t want to analyse why such a long time all these distructing wannabe- looks kept going, for the moment I am happy that we can breathe again, find our individuality in our closets and, ladies and gentlemen, here is my advice:

Buy good design quality as it is never corrupt and keeps style for years, beside: When watching old pictures, you will never think completely embarrassed :  „Oh my, what came to my mind wearing thaaat?“