This is not a web- shop.

It is a platform for designers to show their works.

All ideas belong to the designers, so do their pictures, texts and sketches.

Almost every piece is unique and they are all made exclusively one-by-one in Europe.  Mostly Italy and Germany.


You want to buy?

Private & personal shoppers, please  watch below.

You want to sell?

Please introduce your shop to us and ask for our professional price- list.  No commissions possible !


Shoe appointments:

You may book Inga Thomas for fitting and design- consulting*.

Hamburg: 150€ ,  Sardinia 250 €  (when present)

Will be cleared by order.

Within Europe booking 500 € plus travel fees**.

Overseas booking 1000 € plus travel fees**.

Shoe- prices start from 1200 €  (plain classics).

Couture from 6000 €.

Design development classics start from 2000.- plus prototype/ shoe- costs.

Design Development “Unique Couture” from 3000.- plus prototype/ materials/ shoe- costs.

* includes preliminary talk & emails, selection of samples & fitting, journey to your place.

*Meeting -duration about 1,5 h

** Meeting duration about 4h, or 2×2 hours







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